Exciting moments, people, nature are some of the little things that I love to seize and capture forever. Isn’t it great to see something new everyday and capture that moment for life, reliving it again and feel photos are eternal? A world with so much of exciting moments inspires me to pick up my camera and leave for an adventurous tour around, be it a town, a village, a street or my house for that matter.

Hi, my name is Ganesh Vanare, mostly known as “@haram_khor_” on Instagram and YouTube. Let me tell you a little bit about me. Capturing real life moments is my own way of Living! Happy, exciting and amusing as it sounds, my life has been a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs. Everyday comes up with various moments that your eye captures even without your knowledge. Well, ‘click, edit a little, showcase the best side of the moment, share it around and smile at it' is how I started designing my Passion. Surely, a thorough understanding and learning towards photography has made me fall in love with it. Also, NustaHaramKhor is always curious. For me the curiosity of knowing about photography will never fade. Starting from a very basic level of photography, to setting up workshops and having a #nustaharamkhor family cheer me up with an enthusiasm towards photography.

I am a Mumbaikar and this is the place where I started my photography journey. Mumbai is the place which showed me how beautiful can even the smallest moment make you feel. The streets of Mumbai, the people of Mumbai, exciting festivals celebrated here enlivened my love for photography. Capturing these became my passion and that’s how photography has become a never ending story telling for me.
I strongly believe in giving your best and letting the Universe do the rest. Spreading love to you and every human kind in best possible ways! Start Clicking, Keep Smiling!